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A Wildly Fun Festival On Bangalore Trails:: Bangalore Mountain Festival 2.0!

A ‘Rock’ing Festiva! Bangalore Mountain Festival!

As a roadie that once rode MTBs and had loads of fun, I have no qualms in admitting that the most fun I ever had on a bike was on a trail. So, when I heard of this event which had an MTB XC race, a 10k and 21k trail run along with DH race on the same day, I was keen on being part of it, if only as a spectator. And, oh boy! What a spectacle it was! The Bangalore MountainFestival! Seeing the hundreds of Mountain bike riders, trail runners and DH shredders, having a ball on the most grueling of courses I have ever seen, I so badly craved for getting back on an MTB.

Last year, for the inaugural edition of the Bangalore Mountain Festival, they had all the three events, XC Race, the trail run and the DH race on the same day. I was mind blown on how they pulled off such a massive event with three races all on the same day! But this year, they decided to have the XC race and the DH seeding run on Saturday with the trail running event and the DH final run on Sunday.

XC Race:
The field for the XC race had the current MTB National champion(ITT), Kiran Kumar Raju(KKR) from Trek Racing, lining up at the start line along with some of the best riders from all over the country. Devendar Takhur (Hero/UT bikes) from Shimla, Madan Sandeep(BTwin) from Delhi, Tangsabam (Scott) from Sikkim, Craig Raynes(Spectrum Racing), Paigambar(Polygon bikes) were some of the hot starters. As the start gun went off the guys charged off the gates and disappeared onto the trail in no time. I ran hiking up the hill to find a nice spot on the top of the hill from where I can watch most of the trail or at least the most beastly part the trail.

The trail was a 5km loop has a few steep kickers one finishing on top of a hill with a temple and quite a few gnarly downhill sections that are quite technical. The 30km XC race saw the riders getting 6 chances to perfect their lines and kick up some dirt for the riders behind.

The first lap(5km) of six laps saw KKR, Devender, Tangsabam and Craig were closely bunched and were way ahead of the rest of the field apart from Paigambar who was a few seconds behind them. The second lap saw Tangsabam disappear from the front with a mechanical and Paigambar closing a little more gap on the front three. 

The way the guys were taking on the most technical of sections with ease and √©lan was a treat to watch. KKR, looked in particularly good shape and in his flow on the trail. Being a local boy, he had bit of an advantage of knowing the trail by heart and it matters a lot on a particularly technical trail like this one. By the third lap, he began to build up a gap over Devendar and Craig lost the third spot to Paigambar. As the laps went on KKR’s lead ballooned to almost 2mins with Devendar behind him and Paigambar 2 mins behind him. Craig was a few seconds behind at 4th spot and did not manage to pull back anytime the finished the race in that order.

After the presentation ceremony, we headed to the most exciting part of the day, the DH seeding run. The line-up had not only the best from all around the country, particularly from Pune, but also some of the best from Nepal. The only female participant, Anissa Lamare, traveled from Sikkim, all on her own, to be part of this awesome event.
Riders hauling their bikes up the hill for the DH seed run! Pic: Utkarsh Rao Photography
The 1km long DH track starts on a rock head on top of the hill and descends via a rock garden down to a boulder wall, jumps on to a temple complex and another jump off the temple wall onto a couple of kick-ass dirt jumps that were built specifically for the event and down another rocky twisty but fast finish.
Downhill seed run! Pic: Utkarsh Rao Photography
The seeding run on Saturday went without incident and everyone was kicked about the final run on Sunday.

Trail Run:
On Sunday we gathered to witness the trail run where hundreds of runners ran on one of the toughest trails in this part of the world. The run up the steep temple stairs had the runners’ quads burning while the hopping down the rocky downhill had their calves and shins screaming for relief. 
Start of the trail run! Pic: BMF

The beautiful fast section by the lake must have offered the temptation to take it easy but the clock was running and they had no choice but to keep up. The 21km trail half marathon run saw the Ethopian Gazelle, Mengist, take the top spot with 1hr 8mins. Lemlemu from Kenya finished second in 1hr 10mins while Santosh from Indian Army finished just behind him in 3rd place. In Women’s 21k run, Joyti from Indian Railways finished first followed by Mamata and Akruthi from Bangalore at second and third places respectively.

The DH Mayhem!
After the podium ceremony for the trail run completed, we headed watch the main attraction of the day, the final DH run! I found a spot on the top of the temple water tank that offered me an uninterrupted view of almost the entire DH course. While the heart skipped several beats watching a few of the guys take tumbles, the adrenaline rush of watching some of the best DH shredders bombing down the course was unparalleled. I watched the high voltage DH action, I had to stop myself from jumping up and down too much in fear of breaking the roof.
The dirt jump on the DH course!  Pic: Utkarsh Rao Photography
One of the first few guys who shot out of the gates, Harith Noah(Kerala, India), set a furious pace for everyone to beat at 1:33.17. One might have blazed a section of the course but one wrong line or a briefest period of hesitation would cost valuable seconds. So, it is a delicate balance of aggressive pace, skilful maneuvering and masterful technical wizardry. Of course, not to forget the balls of steel they need along with an extremely focused and calm mind. 
Rajesh Magar, the most aggressive rider and winner of the DH course!  Pic: Utkarsh Rao Photography
Ajay Padval from Pune, India, came the closest to Harith with 1:44.72 until Rajesh Magar from Katmandu, Nepal, blasted the course at ferocious pace at 1:31.51 and took the win in style. His aggression on the course is hair rising to say the least. Rajesh finished first followed by Harith at 2nd and Ajay at 3rd. Rugved Thite(Maharastra, India) finished 4th with 1:45.85 followed by Piyush Chavan at 5th with 1:47.37!

Some guys were crazy enough to ride the course on hard tails and Pranit Hemanth was the fastest amongst them.

Like the first edition last year, the event left an indelible mark on my memory and will surely bring me back next year. This has brought back memories of the joys of single track riding that I did in Vermont, USA, when I started cycling. I’m very tempted to pick up an MTB right away and rediscover that joy. Who knows, I could actually participate in this kick-ass event instead of enjoying it as a spectator.  
DH Podium signaled the end of the amazing Bangalore Mountain Festivities!
BMF:The Making Of A World-Class Event!
Here I leave you with a few more videos from the event including one from Global Mountain Bike Network(GMBN) the mountain bike equivalent of GCN show, featuring BMF(2:01 in the video below). BMF is well on the way of putting the Indian MTB and DH on the world map! Truly amaing job by Sunil Nanjappa and his team of rockstars for an amazing event. Really looking forward to the next edition!

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Brought Back From The Dead - More Musings on My 6th TFN - Indian Terrain Tour of Nilgiris 2016

Femina Miss India Moment?
After this year's Tour of Niligris, at the presentation ceremony, when they called me on stage to take the medal for finishing first in my category, I completely chocked up, teared up and couldn't utter a word. I quickly thanked TFN for making me the cyclist that I am today and ran down the stage to avoid a complete break down. I agree that I am not as good with my spoken word as I'm with my written one, but it was something new for me to get emotional before a big gathering like that. I kept thinking why that happened as I don't take my performances that seriously once they are done. I was thousand times happier for my Spectrum Racing teammate and skipper, Arvind Bhateja's win in his category than I was for mine.
Give A Little And Get Back Many Folds! My focus as a rider-blogger has always been to give the flavor of the tour to the riders who couldn't make it. I try to do it as well as I can and get to sleep only about 3-4 hours on most days as I'm a very slow writer. With last year's experience with indigestion, I stayed away from meat(except on day 1 and day 7) and desserts and mostly relied on dal and curd rice through this tour. Although a bit of indigestion due to lack of sleep still troubled me, I was able to manage it better this time. With limited sleep it is not always possible to recover and ride well the next day and the day after.  

That is why, I like to take my focus away from my own performance and try and help others do well if I can. May be that's also why I gravitated towards coaching this year. While trying to help others with my experience of riding TFN 6 times, I'm also helping myself by clearing my own mind and reminding myself of what is the right thing to do in any given situation. Not that I end up doing the right thing myself all the times, but it does help. So, in a way, I end up taking as much or more than what I had to offer.

Brought Back From The Dead!When I look back, just four weeks before the tour started, I had to sit out of the biggest race of the season, BBCH Nandi race, as I was quite sick. I was hardly able to breath properly with constant cold and cough. While the earlier part of the year went really well with a good ITT for me in April and an excellent road race result for the team in May where I did my part, it was all downhill from there with injuries and health issues. 

Late June, I had a small crash on the commute that took me out of training action for a couple of months with a freak knee injury. After recovering from that it was some viral or the other until in late October and early November, my doctor, Anindita Bhateja of Sita Bhateja Specialty Hospitals, suspected that my asthma might have made a comeback due to the pollution on my commute, after 8 years of staying away. I immediately took the medication she prescribed and started using a mask for my commute. The recovery was almost immediate.

In a couple of days after seeing my doctor, I was able to breath again normally. With 3 weeks available for training for TFN, I was determined to do all I could, to be able to complete my 6th Tour of Nilgiris. I have decided to take it, just as I would have told my trainees in a similar situation, just one day at a time. First two weeks of very little intensity and hanging on to the wheels on the weekend group rides saw me feeling a little better. It was only in the third week that I introduced some intervals to the legs and the results weren't totally discouraging. In the week of TFN itself, I only rode the day before TFN to give a chance to the legs to wake up. 

Although it was not to the levels what I set myself as a goal at the start of the year, I was as well prepared as I could have been under the given circumstances. So, I didn't have any big ambitions. I just wanted to stay healthy through the tour so that I could complete riding every day, complete and publish the blog before the start of the ride next day. I have decided to ride well within myself for most part of the tour and put in my best effort in the competitive segments every day and see how it goes. 

Fortunately, I was able to put in a decent effort on the first day's competitive segment and that set the tone for the rest of the days. I was able to complete most stages faster than all but one person over 35, the 46 year old Aussie from Belgium, Jamie Anderson, who chose to compete in Elite category. He was faster than everyone but the 3 time TFN champion, Nils Eigil Bradtberg. 

By the end of the tour, I finished 6th overall with the top 5 being very strong athletes that I would have struggled to compete against even in my best shape. From being in doubt about participation to be able to do reasonably well in a strong field, felt good. In the absence of any other explanation, I guess that satisfaction was what made me a bit emotional on the stage.

I have to thank my doctor, Anindita, and TFN for bringing me back from the dead and helping me get stronger time and again. I know the field is getting stronger and stronger each year and forget top 10 overall, I might not be able to stay near the top of even my age category for long. I don't actually mind finishing even in the bottom half of the field as long as I am able to give a honest account of myself at any given point of time. I would love to see a time when the field becomes that strong.

Many Inspirational Riders:
When we see riders like Shravani Sen, who rides with a fairly serious condition called Lupus (SLE - it's an auto immune disease) and Sagar, who has a degenerative eye condition that doesn't let him see beyond a few meters in front of him and was riding to raise funds for research in that area, it inspires us to get past any of the petty issues we might have. Both of them have completed their second TFN this year. 
Mani sir with Kartik and Francis after the successful completion of the tour with the same smile!
Riders like Manivasagam Rangaswamy and Dr. Avanthi Biniwale keep chugging away at the miles with their focused determination and endurance. We used to see them constantly ahead of the most fast trains, riding at their own pace while enjoying the surroundings. Their calm consistency was admirable. There were many such riders on the tour who were inspirational in their own way.

The 71 year old Russell Bell is full of energy and gives 100% at whatever he does and is extremely positive. Richard Mueller knows that he had a considerable weight disadvantage when it comes to climbs but gave the best fight he could give to Arvind and kept the blue jersey with him till the last day. Arvind Bhateja himself kept his calm and took the fight to the end to put in a massive performance in the last stage and took the leaders jersey in his category. These are the guys who show what real passion for the sport and what healthy competition means. It is an honor riding along with them and being able to call them friends.
Fierce and healthy rivalry of Richard and Arvind! Fight your guts out and share a beer later!
Thank you!
Every TFN teaches me valuable lessons and gives me many great friends. Every TFN brings me back from the dead by inspiring me to get out and ride despite my laziness and this wasn't any different! Thanks to every volunteer who worked hard to make it a great tour. Thanks to every rider who accepted the challenge with a smile and pushed their limits through the tour to discover more about themselves. Thanks to TFN for being a such an awesome and fun event! Looking forward to the 10th edition of the tour next year!    

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Beautiful End to Another Lovely Tour! Day 8 - Indian Terrain Tour of Nilgiris 2016

The Addiction That Is Tour of Nilgiris!
On the first day of TFN, one of my roommates, Bhupesh,  who is a first time TFNer asked me if I have done this tour before. I said, 'Yes, this is my 6th TFN'. He looked at me incredulously and said, 'Why? Don't you get bored riding the same tour?' The answer for that is, it never is the same! Every year there are changes to the route and more importantly, there are always different people you get to meet and ride with. There are different and mostly better challenging rides every year. I suffer, I enjoy and I get my mind blown every time, with the sheer awesomeness of the tour. The volunteers and riders that I get to meet and ride with provide great inspiration. This time was no different. It has been an amazing tour and I'm already looking forward to the next year. 

The Downhill Ride To Pollachi!
Today was the last day of the 9th edition of the Tour of Nilgiris and we had a ceremonial ride to Pollachi. It was all of 65km and most of it was downhill. Yes, it actually was! Of course, the downhill came after a 10km climb. 

The initial part of the descent has nice tree cover and is a bit cold as we descended. After about 12km of downhill, we reached Attakatti, the home of the 'Hotel New Restaurant'. It didn't matter that we had a pretty decent breakfast at our stay in Green Hills hotel in Valparai. We just had to stop at this lovely place. We ordered some ghee dosas and vada and belted them non-stop. The shop guy must have had the business for the entire year like farmers have harvest season.

After spending a couple of hours at the restaurant, and posing for millions of pictures, we headed further downhill to pose for million more pictures. 

The views on the hill are just unbelievable. On day 7, we were able to savor the beauty of only the beauty of only the top half of the climb since the initial part from Aliyar dam to Attakatti was part of the competitive section.      

This time as we descended, we were able to stop as we please and take in all the beauty. The water level in the dam was no where close to that we had last year, but still, it was an incredible sight.
Man vs Wild! Or was it wild vs wildest? :)
After having a blast soaking in the amazing views, Kiran and I zipped downhill with Milam on our wheels. It is so much fun descending when you have someone like Kiran showing you how to take amazing lines. It is not always wise to follow the lines he takes. If you don't believe me, just see the above picture.

The Final Train To Pollachi Leaves From Aliyar Dam!
After making it down the hill, we quickly signed at the final support station and formed a train to head quickly down to Shakti resorts in Pollachi which was the ride officially ends for this year. Kiran and I shared the load initially but when others found the youngster's pace too hot to handle up the hills, I steadied the train into a manageable pace and still make it quickly to the destination. Attacks and sprints in the last one kilometer ensured that all of our hearts finished the tour on a high note. It has been a super fun 8 days full of unforgettable experiences.

The Champions Dinner!
After having lunch on the banks of a river at Shakti resorts, we took transport to Coimbatore for the cool of party, The Champions Dinner, at Vivanta Taj, this year's amazing hospitality partner for TFN. The presentation ceremony and dinner party that followed were another highlight of a week crammed with heady highlights.   

Final Results:
In Elite category, the podium remained the same with Nils taking the overall title. The fight this year has been incredibly close and very exciting to watch the competition unfold over the last 8 days. Jamie, who has brought so much excitement to the tour, retained his 2nd place on the podium with Kiran Kumar Raju finishing a close 3rd. The younsters Muralidharan and Vinayak Goankar finish 4th and 5th respectively. 

Nils' performance under pressure against lightweight climbers in a climbing tour, shows how strong a rider he is. It is great that TFN gives youngsters in India a chance to compete with some of the strong riders from around the world. I'm sure the guys learn so much from the likes of Nils and Jamie.

In Veteran's category, the competition was intense through all the stages with Richard showing dominance in the flatter stages and retaining lead till the last stage. However on the final mountain finish on Valparai, Dr. Arvind Bhateja managed to put in a great show to dethrone Richard and took the top spot on the podium. It was amazing to watch them battle it out. The 71 year youngster, Russell Bell, gave all of them including Richard and Arvind a run for their money and finished 3rd on the podium. These guys are an amazing inspiration to everyone. 

Winners have won a Trek 1.2 bike from Trek and Jayanth ProBike, a mountable camera from Karle Town Center and 25k gift vouchers from Indian Terrain. 

Dr. Arvind Bhateja has announced that he will donate all the proceedings from the prizes to the Giving Back program he is raising funds for. Through the program he raises funds for providing free spine surgeries for those who cannot afford them. Please feel free to donate for the great cause. You can find the transfer details here.

In Women's category, Lena dominated the standings right from day one with strong performances that matched and surpassed many men. She finished comfortably on the top of the podium. Last year's champion, Belinda Mueller continued to amaze everyone with her endurance, grit and humility while finishing 2nd in the category. Juhi Mehta, the lovely lady from Mumbai, finished 3rd overall with commendable performances through out the tour. 

In Master's category, I managed to retain the top spot on the podium. While it might look like I had no competition in my category, the guys in the Veteran's category constantly gave me a scare. So, it is still satisfying to finish a little more than two minutes ahead of everyone over 35 years except the incredibly strong Jamie Anderson. Veera Manikanta of Mysore finished second in Master's category, climbing his way up the ranking as the gradients got higher and higher. Siddarth Chopra finished 3rd overall with a commendable and consistent performances through the tour.

It is interesting to note that Lena finished 14th overall across the categories while I managed to stay at 6th overall. It is heartening to see KKR finish very close to Jamie and within 4 mins of Nils. Murali has showed great heart and is bound to improve further with experience. Vinayak Goankar, the ever smiling young man from Goa, continued his progression getting stronger from last year's TFN but the fact he finished lower in rankings than last year was just due to more intense competition. 

Thank You All!
This brings to close an another amazing edition of the Tour of Niligiris! Thanks to all the sponsors, partners, organizers, riders and most importantly, the incredible volunteers! Words don't make justice to the amount of fun we had this year! Thank you!! Looking forward to next year already! 
Kudos to the Volunteer class of TFN 2016! Thank You Guys! You Rock!
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